“I am so happy that we have found all of you at LOVEboldly. I look forward to seeing a brighter and better future for all because of people like yourself.”
– Alana Nicole Sholar, Transwoman and Author of “Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery”

“I want to express my thanks to (LOVEboldly) for giving what I consider to be one of the top presentations of this type that I have heard in years.  I’ve been involved in equality issues for more years than the two (presenters) have been alive!  I’ve also been involved in debate and other formats for just as long.  However, your workshop at the Gay Christian Network in 2013 simply amazed me.  There are times when, in the battle for human equality, even I fall prey to disillusionment and feelings that I have somehow failed my constituency…along you came to re-instill my faith that in fact, our youth ARE our future!  Congratulations!  For what it is worth, I issue a grade of A+ on your presentation.  I’ve heard so many, but not with the sincerity you bring to the table.”

– Tom Weller, GCN Attendee

“The friendships I’ve experienced through LOVEboldly have been some of the most important factors in my coming to peace with my sexuality (gay and side-A affirming) and my faith.  When nowhere else seemed like a safe place to be myself, I was welcomed with open arms free of agendas and free from the threat of my story being co-opted to serve some political purpose.  LOVEboldly is a constant reminder to me that, even if we may not think alike, we can and must love alike.  Their presence and friendship is life-giving.  They take a stance for the image of God in all God’s kids and create a space for us to be free from artificial dichotomies and lines in the sand.  It’s been a taste of the Kingdom on Earth.”
– Seminary Student

“I believe LOVEboldly is an asset to the local church in helping Christians around the spectrum whether they are liberal, moderate or conservative to think outside of their comfort zones in a safe environment while providing community, hospitality and a place for practical theological reflection. LOVEboldly’s work is truly selfless and embodies the work of Christ in an incarnational manner.”
– Rosario Picardo, Executive Pastor, Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church

“I am a Side A member of the LGBT community, and I definitely support the work that LOVEboldly is doing.  I have realized that the most productive way of conversing with Christians who disagree with me on this issue (and others) is to come from the standpoint that we are not in opposition to one another, but are seeking the will of God together. At the moment we disagree about what we believe the will of God might be, but we have a shared purpose in finding the truth together. I realized that most people who disagree with me are not trying to be hurtful – they are just doing what they believe to be right because they love God (just like I am!) I’ve also found that when I listen to others, they are more inclined to listen to me too.  LOVEboldly has helped me to remember to have this attitude of grace when conversing with others, and I really value what they are doing.”
– Sian, Gay Christian

“The people who created and facilitate LOVEboldly are incredible. They are scholars, thinkers and sweet spirits!!”
– Carole Whipple, Straight Ally

“LOVEboldly is doing the necessary work of bringing together people who identify with the LGBTQ and church communities to discuss issues that aren’t going away and don’t have easy answers. Participants have cultivated real relationships and have created safe environments in which people can express themselves and be treated with respect. In a polarized culture of angry sound bytes, LOVEboldly is a breath of fresh air. I always grow as a result of spending time with these wonderful folks, and I can’t recommend this organization highly enough!”
– Stephen Fincher, Pastor, Tanner United Methodist Church

“I am a side A, fully affirming lesbian who does not think celibacy is the only option for LGBT folks and I have worked with LOVEboldly closely. I support full equality and gay marriage, but I also support those who choose or believe something different, and I never push people to form the same conclusions I have.  My main goal is to make sure people know they are loved by God, wherever they find themselves on their journey, and I work with people who reach out to LOVEboldly seeking help in the reconciliation with their faith and sexuality. I am proud to be a part of what LOVEboldly is doing.”
– Anonymous Gay Christian

“I’m a person who defies easy categorization: I’m a man who was socialized as a woman while still trying to figure out exactly how to live out a traditional sexual ethic.  I’m blessed to live with an incredibly supportive partner as we journey through life together.  I’ve managed to find my way on this journey because of organizations like LOVEboldly that give people space to sort various puzzles posed by the intersection of faith, sexual orientation, and gender identity without presuming that these puzzles match to cookie cutter thinking… in my estimation, it takes a very courageous organization indeed to suggest that the discourse between GLBT issues and Christian concerns could be shaped by different factors than how people conceive of and perceive “gay marriage.”…For my part, I’m grateful that LOVEboldly has made it part of their mission to talk with pastors who struggle to see beyond the idea that gay marriage is a social ill that must be resisted at all costs.  I’m profoundly blessed by an organization willing to call a conservative church on my behalf to talk with the pastor on how I would be cared for as a part of that congregation.  The expressed organizational commitment to building relationships shines a beacon that reminds me I am not alone as I seek to grow towards Christ.  LOVEboldly is an organization that does not seek to shame me for where I attend church, and I appreciate their willingness to be my friend in order to journey alongside of me.”
 – Lindsey, LGBT Christian

“Your organization is doing essential work…and I am someone who is personally grateful (as a friend, but also as someone whose life is inextricably tied to the gay community and the church) for what you do. In our brief interactions, I’ve been so impressed with your spirit of compassion….you really are a source of joy and hope for lots of people, including me.”
Brent Bailey, Gay Christian Blogger

“Christ is calling his followers to do something we haven’t come near to doing in the past – love LGBT individuals the way he does.  I believe he has raised up LOVEboldly for such a time as this to lead the way and be a model for us all.  Determining the exact shape of Christ’s love in each and every concrete situation is often stunningly complex and well nigh impossible.  Thank God LOVEboldly is out there courageously leading the way and seeking, above all, to follow Christ….I am wholeheartedly praying for them and supporting them.”
– Dr. Stephen Seamands, Professor of Christian Doctrine, Asbury Theological Seminary

“It’s so encouraging to connect with others who are helping give Christians a context to think through LGBTQ issues and who are giving the LGBTQ community a place to understand Christ in deeper ways.  Thanks for all you do.”
– Candice Czubernat, Gay Christian, The Christian Closet

“LOVEboldly is a link in a woven section of society that’s existence allows neutral and unbiased opinions in the LGBT community.  I for one think it is an amazing organization that allows fellowship and understanding to both “sides of the fence”.  Being a proud transwoman in Kentucky, and I can see nothing but good things from this organization and it’s members.  The idea of conformity to either side shows no civility to the opposing opinion which then makes each or both take a step back!  I have met many people through LOVEboldly that I may not have met without the hard work and dedication of the organization and it’s leaders.  There is much to be learened for all who will take the time to listen.  I am lending not only my voice but my ear!”
– Lu Fields, Transwoman

“Thank you for being an organization that does not reduce LGBT peope and our concerns to political controversies.  As a gay Christian in a Side B relationship, I find it difficult to feel connected with people and organizations who care only about creating an “us vs. them” mentality over gay marriage.  I find that in life, I’m often told by allies what it means to be welcomed and considered an equal rather than asked about my own thoughts and feelings on the matter.  Thank you for refusing to do this.  Thank you for seeing LGBT Christians as we are as human beings made in the image and likeness of God, first and foremost.  Thank you for being willing to take on these very difficult conversations which are absent in so many faith communities, leaving the Church shamefully divided.  And most of all, thank you for creating a space for ALL Christians to learn from one another about how we can make the Church a welcoming environment for everyone….Organizations like LOVEboldly are among the very few that create a safe space for Side B people in addition to Side A people.  And I truly, sincerely thank you for that.
– Sarah Sparks, Gay Celibate Christian

“In a world where more and more often we hear vitriol, hatred, and anger, it is refreshing to hear a voice advocating for patience, peace, listening, care, humility, and ultimately love.  It is always a challenge to be in the middle, but it is my hope that LOVEboldly will find itself in a space where they can continue to be peacemakers between groups that are currently at odds with one another.”
– Anonymous: Wilmore, KY

“The work of LOVEboldly is important because Christ has called His followers to love, mercy, healing, forgiveness, dedication to Him and the help of orphans and widows across the world.  The odd bickering between Christians who are called to love and a people-group who are just as much deserving of Christ’s joy, love, family and community has distracted the global Christian church from its original mandate to love, show mercy, and help those in desperate need as Christ did.  LOVEboldly’s mission opens up a truly healthy dialogue that can move us all forward and get us back on track as we honor our Lord and Savior.”
– Phoenix Eyre (Los Angeles, CA) Director of The Global Christian Taskforce

“LOVEboldly helps those people who are caught between two worlds of thinking and can’t find a home or a way in either opposing viewpoint.  LOVEboldly gives space and freedom to the individual who doesn’t know what to think to, first, think any which way, so they can express their thoughts and process them very organically with a group of very loving people who care more about the individual than any agenda.”
– Jen Sayer, Straight Ally