Meet LOVEboldly’s Pastoral Care Director

Hello! My name is Christy Wade, and I am the Pastoral Care Director at LOVEboldly. I just want to take some time to introduce myself and tell you what I do.christy

My official job description is:

The Pastoral Care Director is responsible for providing emotional support and spiritual care to those seeking help and/or services from LOVEboldly, as well as for the LOVEboldly leaders, through healing, reconciling, guiding, and sustaining.  This includes, but is not limited to, prayer support, spiritual formation, discipleship, mediation services, outreach, preaching, teaching, and creating resources.

Essentially, I am here for you!

I’m here to help you:

  • as you journey through the process of reconciling faith and sexual orientation
  • process thoughts and feelings when a friend/family member comes out as LGBTQ
  • find resources (counseling, support groups, etc.) in your specific geographic location
  • grow in your faith journey by providing discipleship and spiritual formation opportunities
  • by praying for you and your needs

If you ever need to connect with me or would like me to pray for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:


At LOVEboldly we embrace controversy, dissenting opinions and even a good debate now and then. However, we also value civility, kindness, and respect. Therefore, please feel free to share your opinion, but keep it constructive, considerate, and civilized. If you choose to be rude we will delete your comment. Do so consistently and we will ban you. And yes, we do get to define the terms.

Growing Up LGBT in America

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has just released a report which will serve as a great resource called Growing-Up-LGBT-in-America (Click the link there to read it.  Seriously.  Do it now).  I highly recommend checking it out and downloading it.  It’s informative, and it’s also pretty.  The information from this report comes from reportings from over 10,000 LGBT youth ages 13-17 and will be very helpful for anyone wanting to understand the issues of importance for this demographic.  Big thanks to HRC for putting out this report!

Particularly worth mentioning is that the report compares LGBT youth with non-LGBT youth, which really goes a long way towards showing the different issues of importance for kids age 13-17 depending on whether they identify with heteronormative expressions of gender and sexuality.  The report also talks about perceptions of faith environments (like churches), schools, future plans, etc. for LGBT teenagers.  I really think this is a must-read for educators, youth pastors, counselors, and pastoral care givers in general.  Read it.  Do it now.

What do you think of this report?  Weigh in!