Defeating Agendas Video: Session 1

After much demand and clamor from those who were not able to attend our Defeating Agendas Seminars, and with much joy in our hearts, we have decided to post the videos of the sessions for you here, so that all LOVEboldly fans may rejoice and be happy!  The quality of the video is not super great but that’s because we are not super rich.  Hopefully you can enjoy it and learn something from it, nevertheless.

Keep in mind as you watch that this series is meant for pastoral care givers and laypersons in traditionally minded evangelical churches who want to learn about building and sustaining faithful relationships with the gay and lesbian community.  Without further ado, here it is:

Defeating Agendas: Session 1:
Presenting the Problem – Exploring the relationship between the church and the gay community

Please also check out Session Two, Session Three and Session Four.