A Response to Intervarsity


Last week, my friend Veronica approached me about writing a piece on the Intervarsity “theological purge” controversy.  Veronica, as you will learn below, was deeply involved with Intervarsity for several years and is a great advocate for her LGBT+ friends.  With feet in both worlds, the news has affected her personally, and because I found her response to be helpful and insightful, I’d like to share it with you today.  As part of our Consider This Perspective series, Veronica’s views shared here are her own, and we are glad to share them with you.

Recently, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA, an organization that works in campus ministry, missions, and publishing, announced a policy that would result in hundreds of individuals losing their jobs for having a theology that affirms same sex marriage.

The news appeared in Time, where journalist Elizabeth Dias reported that Intervarsity employees who support gay marriage or disagree with the organization’s new theological position on sexuality would be fired starting in November. Employees are expected to out themselves on the topic, initiating a two-week termination process. Dias calls the situation a “theological purge.”

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