Christy Wade

Board Member

Christy is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary where she completed her Masters of Divinity in 2012.  Christy has ministered in various national and international contexts and has a heart for LGBTQ youth and young adult discipleship.  She has extensive experience working with those seeking to reconcile their faith and sexual orientations, and has worked as a Fellow in the Religion and Faith Department of the Human Rights Campaign, located in Washington, DC.  She participated in the inaugural Reformation Project, which seeks to transform church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity. Christy serves as the editor of Owning Our Stories, a place where LGBTI people, their parents and friends can own their stories by sharing it with others. She also blogs about faith and sexual orientation and serves as a founding board member of LOVEboldly (2011-Present). Christy lives in Lexington, KY and is planning a wedding with her partner Sarah.