About Zach Muller

Zach is self-described as "a walking ball of awkwardness that loves coffee as much as I love Jesus." A graduate of Cincinnati Christian University in Cincinnati, Ohio, Zach holds a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in Communication Arts. While he jokes that his strongest passions lie in his love for coffee, baseball, and Gilmore Girls, his true passion lies in pursuing healing, reconciliation, and growth between the Church and the LGBT+ community. Zach self-identifies as a gay Christian, and he serves as the assistant blog editor for LOVEboldly. You can follow his other writings on his personal blog at www.inbetweentheintrospection.wordpress.com.

Shattered Expectations


The other day I was chatting with some friends about the topic of LGBT+ people serving in ministry roles within the church, both on a volunteer level and in a leadership-type role, and of course that got me thinking about my own personal ministry roles and experiences. Almost all of my ministry experience came from the time when I was still closeted, only out to a handful of people; the only ministry experience I have since coming out is my role with LOVEboldly.

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Coming Out Happens to All of Us

John Backman is a guest writer whose voice we’re honored to share. You can read more about John in his bio at the end of the piece.

You never expect one comment to upend your whole life.

It happened to me last month in a conversation with a wise elder. I was describing my ideal approach to spiritual direction—to all my human interactions, really—in which I am so locked into the other person that I forget about myself. My wise friend agreed the ideal was pretty good as far as it went.

Then, in a voice so soft I could barely hear it, she dropped the question: “Where is John in all this?”

My conscious mind drew a blank. My unconscious mind saw it for what it was: a golden opportunity to unload decades of repressed schmutz.

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An Introduction to “Q”

John Backman is a guest writer whose voice we’re honored to share. You can read more about John in his bio at the end of the piece. 

Quick: what does LGBTQ stand for? If you’re like most people, L, G, and B are easy. You know T at least because of the legislation over bathrooms. Then you hit Q and draw a blank.

Q doesn’t get a lot of press. It’s also complicated. Still, as a resident of Q Nation, I can tell you it’s authentic. Herewith a primer, using FAQs you may have asked yourself.

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