Consider This Perspective – Derek Webb Part 3 (Advice to a Gay Person)

The first two parts of our video interview with Derek Webb have been among our most popular posts ever! In the first one Derek briefly talked about the lack of conversation about LGBT folks in the Christian music industry, and in the second he argued that everyone ought to have a gay friend. In this installment Derek offers advice to LGBT folks trying to resolve the potential tension between their faith and sexuality. In the whole series, Derek has demonstrated his humility and passion, but in this video we really get a glimpse of his heart. This one is truly beautiful. Thanks brother!


What do you think about Derek’s words in this video? How about his thoughts in the series as a whole? Anything to add? Anything you take exception to? Let us know in the comments section below. LOVEboldly!

Consider This Perspective – Derek Webb Part 2 (Everyone Should Have a Gay Friend)

Yesterday we posted a little teaser from our video interview with Derek Webb. Today Derek talks about the fact that straight folks, especially straight Christians, really ought to have a gay friend. He delves into the ways our friendships form us, challenge our perceptions, and make us think more carefully what we say and how we say it. He right suggests that we ought to get to know people before we make judgments on them based on one single aspect of their lives and being.



Let us hear your thoughts. Agreements? Disagreements? What might you add to what Derek said?

Consider This Perspective – Derek Webb Part 1 (Christian Music and the LGBT Community)

Welcome to a new edition of our interview series. Previously Tripp YorkWesley Hill,  Jen Thweatt-Bates, and Logan Mehl-Laituri offered their perspectives on a number of issues related to faith and sexuality.

Today we are privileged to offer our first of a three part video interview with Derek Webb.We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Derek for taking time to sit down and chat with us. Few people in the Christian music industry have lyrics as provocative as Derek Webb. His music has, for many, even redefined the whole notion of Christian music (something he calls a made up category) by challenging folks to take discipleship more seriously. His boldness has certainly not been with out controversy (but of course, that is what we love about him!). There are certainly those within the Christian music industry who have leveled plenty of criticisms of Derek’s views, not the least of which revolve around his articulation of ideas on Christians and sexuality.



In coming days be looking for the rest of this interview as Derek explores more issues around faith, sexuality and LGBT issues. We would also love to hear your thoughts. Do you know of any places where Christian music and the LGBT community intersect? What sort of lyrics would you like to hear more of in contemporary Christian music? Do you know of any openly LGBT folks putting out Christian music?