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LOVEboldly exists to empower willing Christians and sexual minorities to move towards loving one another boldly.  Since 2010, we have been blogging, meeting, and building relationships to help heal the divisions between the church and the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community.

Our organization is comprised of individuals with a variety of positions on the theology and politics regarding faith and sexuality, but all of us are fundamentally dedicated to honoring the dignity and humanity of all people, and there is room and safety for each person wherever you find yourself in your journey.  Our board and our closest advisers/supporters include straight folks and LGBTQ folks, married couples, single and celibate, single and searching for ‘the one’, Side A and Side B perspectives, ex-gay and ex-ex-gay, and even folks who don’t know what all of those terms mean.  This plurality doesn’t constrain us.  It makes us more respectful of the many perspectives held by Christians.

We are deeply invested in the future of the Christian church.  We are seminary students or graduates, active in our home churches, and taking great personal risks in our spiritual communities and our closest relationships to try to bring a message that is balanced, rooted in a robust Christology, and challenging stereotypes.

We have seen how the political world works with a “get on our side or I will fight you” mentality and we don’t see this as the way forward.  We are not interested in an “us vs. them” mentality. This problem of division between the LGBTQ community and the church is systemic and we are convinced it won’t be solved by old methods.  Using polarizing “yes/no” “us/them” language prevents us from moving into peaceful, caring relationships with one another, where we can together identify the way forward.  We believe that building relationships is the best way to create lasting change in which hostilities can be assuaged and so that LGBTQ folks and conservative Christians alike can be treated fairly not only under the eyes of the law, but in the eyes of individuals and communities as well.

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