What If…

What if…

What if Christians, LGBTQ, and same-sex attracted individuals were no longer afraid to engage one another but, instead, found refuge in friendships with one another, safe space to talk about faith, theology, and sexuality/gender identity, and joy in the journey of helping each other forward in relationship with Jesus – no strings attached?

That’s what we envision.

Since 2011, LOVEboldly has been empowering willing Christians, LGBTQ folks, and same-sex attracted individuals to step towards loving one another boldly.  We celebrate the ways God is helping us reconcile with God and others in conversations on faith and sexuality, and we watch it happen every day.

LOVEboldly has been a force for transformation in this heated dialogue for over five years.  We’ve built inroads with leading evangelical and LGBTQ organizations alike, and have the skills, reputation, and connections to make an important impact.

And the need for our work is growing.

I believe so passionately in the transformation happening through LOVEboldly’s efforts that I recently quit my job so we can respond to the doors God is opening up, and the work he is calling us to, in the coming years. We are 100% volunteer-led and we need your help.

Your support will help us expand our services, providing resources not only in-person, but now online and around the globe as well — equipping, empowering, and mentoring thousands more to experience reconciliation with God, self, and others.

With your help, we’ll offer more SAFE conversations, community outreach, pastoral care, dialogue events, training programs, and consultations with churches, universities, and seminaries, than ever before.


Our goal is to raise $7,000 in the next 60 days, and an additional $3,000 by day 90. This will jump-start us towards building relationships with 100 new individuals and 50 new churches, seminaries, and universities around the country.


  • Connect: Download this flyer about our services. Share it with your pastor, your campus chaplain, a professor, or a friend or family member who could use our help.
  • Share: Hit the share button on our fundraising campaign.  Write one to two sentences about how LOVEboldly has impacted you and tell your friends about us.
  • Volunteer: Join us at one of our upcoming community events.  Email us now to express interest in volunteering.
  • Donate! Can we count on your support?  Please give now!

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