LOVEboldly is thrilled to introduce The VOICES PROJECT, our newest initiative towards allowing those with personal stock in the discussion on faith and sexual orientation/gender identity to let their voices be heard! Through this new initiative, members of the LGBT community and the Church will be invited to share personal stories, experiences, questions, and struggles with one another through submitting written works, videos, photos, and art projects for feature on our website and in upcoming videos and educational experiences.

Already, we are inviting folks across the spectrum of faith and sexuality to share their thoughts and perspectives with one another through our “Consider This Perspective” series, our SAFE Talks meetings, and through hosting community dinners for members of the church and the LGBT community. The VOICES PROJECT will continue these efforts and add a new personal touch which can be shared around the world.

Our kick-off of The VOICES PROJECT will be held on June 29, 2013 at Gay Pride in Lexington, KY. LOVEboldly will invite members of the LGBT community to share, “What do you wish straight Christians knew about you?” through participation in a collaborative art project (i.e. Graffiti Wall) and video interviews. The VOICES PROJECT won’t stop there though. We will invite members of faith communities and the LGBT community to continue to share their stories, perspectives, and humanity with one another (for example, asking conservative Christians, “What do you wish the LGBT community knew about you?”)

LOVEboldly has always endeavored to bring people together who have differing views related to faith and sexuality/gender, in order to facilitate conversations that move toward friendships. And now, with The VOICES PROJECT, we will be hosting new and exciting ways for this collaborative conversation to happen across geographic and idealistic boundaries. Our goal is to learn together how to have better conversations, talking with one another rather than at one another, and remembering that reconciliation and friendships can occur even with people with whom we may radically disagree.

Through the efforts of The VOICES PROJECT, we hope to break both the stony silence, and divisive speech, that exists between the church and the LGBT community. We believe that providing safe places to articulate our stories, experiences, beliefs, questions, and struggles will provide opportunities for us all to honor the dignity, worth, and humanity of one another.

Will you join us?

For more information on becoming a sponsor for The VOICES PROJECT, click here.

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