Monday Musings: On God’s Nature, Work, and Words

Today’s Monday Musings is another installment of quoteables. Here’s some food for thought for your week ahead:

“We want to know what the Bible means for us – legitimately so. But we cannot make it mean anything that pleases us and then give the Holy Spirit ‘credit’ for it.” – Fee & Stuart: How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth


“Our God is a God of hospitality, creating a place for a people, a place where all life can flourish. God provides for all creation, as our Story shows. Our God is a God of order; we can trust God to provide for us now as in the beginning.” – Sean Gladding: The Story of God, The Story of Us


“We were created to partner with God in the work of creation by caring for it communally, relationally, both male and female together.” – Sean Gladding: The Story of God, The Story of Us


“The primary purpose of creation is that God wishes to bestow love and teach love, so that all creatures can share in the blessedness of divine life, of loving and being loved. No other purpose of creation transcends this one….A perfect love would be that which receives to the limit whatever goods can be received from a relationship and gives without bounds whatever goods can be given.” – Thomas Oden: Classic Christianity

Grace and peace to you this week!

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