GCN 2013: Opening Night


Greetings from Phoenix! I took the picture above at the resort today – a really beautiful place! The weather is slightly chillier than I like, but an improvement from winter, so I will take it.

After a very late night last night (think midnight pizza calls and collapsing into bed) today was a nice break. After running through our presentation for tomorrow, Christy went on her merry way to meet up with an old friend while I visited with an old friend as well – my bed. šŸ™‚ After two straight nights of terribly interrupted and not long enough sleep mixed with sickness, it was great to relax, prepare, decompress, and spend some time with the Lord throughout the day.

The afternoon and evening have been filled with stumbling across old GCN friends, meeting new ones, and deepening connections with the “Hey I recognize you” acquaintances from the last time I attended and didn’t have time to become best friends with everyone like I normally like to. šŸ™‚

I love meeting new people so conferences like this where everyone is so eager to build new friendships are paradise for an extrovert like me. Tonight’s worship service was great and I have now been privy to the great unveiling of the soon to be updated GCN website which everyone is very excited about. Justin Lee also shared some fascinating information from surveys taken at Christian universities across the nation regarding understanding of LGBT issues and faith. There is much to reflect on and I think this will influence some future blog posts. It is clear that there is a dramatic language breakdown when we discuss these topics, which is truly preventing our ability to hear and understand one another. More on that to come.

Our presentation is scheduled for 1:30 PM tomorrow (Mountain Time). We are very excited and hoping for a good turnout, but most of all, so thankful to God for every open door he has given LOVEboldly and for all the support of each of you which has served to carry us here to Phoenix.

Thanks for all the prayers! Keep ’em coming!

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