Enroute to GCN 2013

I write from the airplane which is, at this point, traversing the skies between Indianapolis and Phoenix. We are off, on our way to the Gay Christian Network Conference 2013!

I am excited.
I am thrilled.
I am exhausted.
I am nervous.
I am ready to hug some old friends.
I am ready to meet some new friends.
I am inspired.
I am worn down.
I am full of hopeful anticipation.
I am ready to meet with Jesus.
And I am still sick.

Even so, I am allowing the anticipation to settle in, remembering my first GCN Conference experience in 2011. What stands out to me most is that it was not a conference about sexuality, but about Jesus. Everyone was so thrilled to share with one another in their love of Jesus! It was such a powerful witness to me back then, and I can hardly wait to bask in the presence of the Lord these next several days. Times of sweet fellowship, sharing with likeminded and different minded folks both, laughing and crying with one another, and joyous communal celebration for all that God is doing in our lives – these are the things that I know await us in Phoenix.

My sickness persists. Thankfully my energy has (mostly) returned but the traveling and prep for the trip has been hard on me. My immune system seems to have been rather under attack these past several months. Some have suggested that there may be spiritual attack occurring against me at this point. I’m not willing to say I know what is happening, and I am certainly unsure about how those things work, but either way, I covet your prayers. His grace is sufficient, whether it is just circumstantial bad luck or something more at work.

Please pray that I would have the stamina needed for the intensity of the weekend ahead, and that I would not spread my germs to Christy and the rest of my lovely roommates. Pray that Christy and I both would be able to find times away from the hustle and bustle to bask in the Lords presence. Pray that the trip would be productive and helpful, that we would be blessing and be blessed. Pray the Lords protection over us and our travels. And pray that our words would be filled with God’s graceful unfolding of truth.

Each time I speak, I am always humbled at the responsibility of the task at hand. Little do I feel equipped, especially as a straight person, to speak with authority to the challenges facing the LGBT community. Yet the Lord has called and so I go, with his wisdom going ahead of me I hope, and preparing hearts and minds to receive not the words of a straight women, but of His hope and redemption, irregardless of the vessel.

How little we often ask of him and how much he longs to give. I am praying and believing for God to be big in us this weekend. Would you join with us in that prayer? More to come!

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