Faith and Sexuality Interview Series

We at LOVEboldly have started to realize that we really aren’t that interesting. Fortunately for you, we know a lot of people who are. The best part is that these scholars, activists, pastors, musicians, and writers have agreed to let us interview them on all sorts of topics related to faith, sexuality, violence, hospitality, politics and more!

LOVEboldly has an ongoing commitment to provide varying perspectives and  a forum for thoughtful voices for the purpose of challenging, teaching, and engaging in productive dialogue around issues of faith and sexuality. The people who have volunteered their thoughts for the series span all sorts of spectrums and have opinions that run the gamut. You are likely to disagree, perhaps even vehemently at times, with some of the positions represented in this series, but we think that is a good thing. Please participate in the conversations that are sure to follow and keep your comments civil and kind. We cannot wait to see where the discussions lead.

Here’s what you have to look forward to over the coming months in our weekly interview series.

Recording Artist Derek Webb

Author, Actor and Scholar Tripp York

Author, Professor and Celibate Gay Christian Wesley Hill

Veterans Advocate and Author Logan Mehl-Laituri

Christian Musician Jennifer Knapp

Author and Transgender Spokesperson Alana Nicole Sholar

Bioethics Scholar and Author Jen Thweatt-Bates

Theology and Ethics Professor and Writer Ted Grimsrud

Presbyterian Pastor and Author Carol Howard Merritt

Scholar, Activist and Author Chuck Gutenson

We also have several others in the works. If you have any suggestions for what we ought to name the series, or anyone who you think we ought to interview, please comment below.

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