Wisdom for the Week – Pacing and Following

Wisdom for the Week is back!  I started this series last year and have been rather bad about making it a regular post.  But I think it’s a valuable way for me to share regularly with you all regarding the work God is doing in my heart and the ways He is leading the work of LOVEboldly.  My hope is that you can read it on Monday morning and be encouraged for your week ahead.  Wisdom for the Week is about sharing with you devotional thoughts that are reflective of LOVEboldly’s core values – attending, serving, sharing, and reconciling with folks who are different than us in some way or another.  These posts will be about the process of implementing these values into our lives on a daily basis.  That being said, here’s this week’s submission to get us back on track:

Recently, I have been sensing God speaking to me about pacing with Him.  I can tend to be fiercely independent sometimes.  If I want something done, I’ll do it.  Why depend or rely on someone else when I can just do it myself – and maybe do it better than someone else?  Self-reliance.  It’s comfortable, it’s predictable, and it’s oh so non-threatening because if I fail, I can just blame myself (and that’s something I’ve become extremely gifted at from many years of practice)!  In the quest to accomplish everything, do it perfectly, and always stay on top of this insane pace, I throw out things like rest, play, Sabbath, peace, presence in the moment, and full-hearted living.  I know this.  God knows this.  And he keeps telling me to stop knowing it and start doing something about it – namely, to STOP doing things.  🙂

This theme keeps coming up over and over again for me so I’ve hung a verse in my office from Exodus which says “I will fight for you, you only need to be still.”  Over and over again I hear God reminding me to let go and stand back – to leave room for him to lead me, to rest back in his guidance.  This applies, most specifically, in relation to LOVEboldly, but also to my personal life – my future, my relationships, and all of my hopes and dreams.  But what does it mean to “let go” – to release and let God go ahead of us?  What would it look like if I took a breath and believed that there really is One far greater than I who is in control?  What if I believed that it was not my duty to take this message of reconciliation to the world but rather, it was only my duty to join in the work that He is doing for reconciliation already?  What if, instead of thinking it’s my job to win the battle, I realize that he’s already won it, and it’s only my duty to join in His work in the ways and the amounts that He instructs me to?  Pacing with Him is about a spirit of cooperation with what He’s already doing.

I have said from the beginning that I want LOVEboldly to always keep in mind whose we are.  From day one I have prayed, “Lord, if you want this to work, you’re going to have to do it.  I’ll follow.  I’ll obey.  But none of this will happen without you.”  Let us join what God is already doing.  He goes before us.  This is not our work, it’s His.  He does it – we just follow His lead.

Where He goes, we will follow.  Shane and Shane (one of my favorite bands) say in one of their songs, “If your presence stays I don’t wanna go.  If your presence leaves I don’t wanna stay.”  Choosing to pace with His Spirit, letting him go before us, and letting him fight our battles is the only way we’ll do the work He has called us to and do it well.  We must rest in Him, trust in His leadership, and give him the lead if we want to avoid standing in the way of what He is doing.

Thomas a Kempis says it best:

“Give me, above anything I can desire,
A will to rest in You,
A will to live at peace in You, You in my heart.
You are the true peace in my heart; it’s only rest,
Outside You I can experience only trouble, only unrest.
In You, my Peace, I love with eternal good;
I lie down to sleep.”

Take this moment – just 60 seconds – and be still with Him, asking Him to be your guide this week.  Rest back into His pace.

Be rooted in Him – it’s the very place from which truly bold love extends.


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