Why So Proud Elijah?

Our third post in our “Hey Gays, Why So Proud?” series is brought to you by Elijah McKnight, of Marion, Indiana.  This is Elijah:

Elijah is working on beginning a LGBT Christian/Conversational/Committed to Action group within his local area that will be focused on the following:

  1. Facilitating Fruitful Discussions – This group will be a safe place for conversations, lectures, debates, and learning opportunities.
  2. Fostering True Discipleship – This group will be committed to passing on the ancient, sound message of the Gospel and what it means to truly follow Christ.
  3. Faithfully Making a Difference – This group will make sincere attempts to stand up for justice, mercy and compassion in the community.

We asked Elijah, “What does Gay Pride mean to you?”  And he said this:

At first glance towards these two words, I was not so much concerned with the word “gay” as I was with the word “pride.” I think this word needs to be carefully defined, because we are are surrounded by a culture that prides itself in self-interest. This is the greatest disease of the soul. In a self-interest sense, pride is the chief of all vices.

As a man who has a same-sex orientation, I also know that self-hate is very damaging. The gay Christian needs to be cautious with both vices – pride and self-hate.  The God of Love is ever seeking us, pursuing us even in the midst of our journey of working out sexuality. God truly loves boldly, because love covers a multitude of sins, including prideful self-interest.  He teaches us to take pride in the only true thing worth prizing and that is the Cross.  It is through the Cross that the bad kind of pride is killed and we are made alive.  When I think of Gay Pride, I think on the amazing love of God who is willing to take my brokenness, past hurts, wounds, and make me whole.  Gay pride to me means that I am working out my salvation as well as my sexuality with fear and trembling, with respect for both dangers (self-servitude and self-loathing). Why?  Because the God has loved boldly.

Got a response to Elijah?  Leave it below.  I’m sure he’d love to respond!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Mr. Rogers used to say that there’s no one you cannot love once you know their story. When people are courageous enough to share, it bangs another brick out of the wall of hateful fear.

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