Why So Proud Greg?

Our second post in our “Hey Gays, Why So Proud?” series is brought to you by Greg Cassatt.  This is Greg:

Greg is a personal friend and the many conversations we have had birthed the beginning brainstorming for what LOVEboldly has now become.  He has been a faithful friend, supporter, and cheerleader all along the way.  He also wrote this post earlier for us: Gay Lingo 101 (Part 1) and this one, Gay Lingo 101 (Part 2)

We asked Greg, “What does Gay Pride mean to you?”  And he said this:

To answer this question appropriately, I must first define “Gay Pride” itself. Gay Pride is not the LGBTQ community feeling accomplished or boastful about their sexual orientation, and it is not about parades and rainbows. It is about creating a safe space for LGTBQ members to commune together in support of each other, it is about welcoming those outside our community to join us and learn who we are to educate away the stereotypes, and most of all it is about personal strength. It means that I have overcome the shame, the ridicule, and the discrimination I once associated with being myself. It means I have allowed myself to transcend how other people’s insecurities affect me when revealing my orientation. And it means that I am proud that I have chosen to be honest with myself and others about who I am, that I will make no apologies for it, and that I will continue to be happy and successful by my own standards because I choose to do so everyday.

Gregory S Cassatt
Wholesale Account Executive
Gardensby Grace, LLC

Got a response to Greg?  Leave it below.  I’m sure he’d love to respond!

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