Lexington Gay Pride Apologies

June 30, 2012 is Gay Pride in Lexington.  If you’re wondering what Gay Pride is all about, check out our series running this month: Hey Gays, Why So Proud?

We’ve talked before about Why Gays Deserve An Apology from Christians and we want to do something public about it.  And so, we’re hosting an apology booth at Lexington Gay Pride this year, in conjunction with our good friends at Embrace Church.  We’ll be making signs and t-shirts that apologize to the LGBT community for the way the church has historically abused them and we’ll be offering free apologies, free listening to people’s stories, free prayer (if anyone feels a need for some), and free hugs.

We’ll also be giving out some free stuff, which is why we need your help.  Embrace has graciously provided us with the funding for  the basic setup (registration, freeze-pops to hand out, etc.)  However, we want to do more!  LOVEboldly has some extra ideas for doling out an extra measure of grace and love to our friends in the LGBT community, as well as some promotional costs.  And, unfortunately, we are running out of time.

Would you prayerfully consider donating towards our need to lavishly give God’s love to the LGBT community in Lexington?

We need to raise the lion’s share of this by the end of this week:

  1. T-Shirt Printing     $250-300
  2. Business Cards (Qty 1000)      $35
  3. Other Printed Promotional Handout Materials     $15
  4. LOVEboldly –  Banner 3’x6′ (which we will be able to use at other events as well)     $100
  5. Hand Fans – Qty. 500 (it’s HOT at Pride)   $250

TOTAL NEED: $650-700

If you are willing to help support any of these needs, please contact us via email – loveboldlynow@gmail.com and we will provide you with the information you need to send a donation.

We also are taking volunteers to help us man the table and deliver the apologies, hugs, and free stuff!  If you would like to sign up for a 2 hour shift (or more) you can sign up here.  You should be familiar with Our Vision and we would really appreciate it if you’d watch the Defeating Agendas Videos before the event (especially Session 3).  Those videos can be accessed here.
Confused yet?  Questions?  Comments?  Email us!

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