Hey Gays, Why So Proud?

GAY PRIDE?  What’s that all about?

Why so proud?

There are a lot of misconceptions about Gay Pride events but it’s important to understand that the event was begun, and continues, as a remembrance of the Stonewall Riots.  The Stonewall Riots were the LGBT community’s response to police brutality on June 28, 1969.  In commemoration of the resistance, Gay Pride events are held across the country every summer, particularly towards the end of June and beginning of July.

What happens at Gay Pride?  The event is often kicked off with a parade of floats and marching done by gay friendly organizations and businesses (support groups, clubs, philanthropic organizations, advocacy organizations, churches, and more), followed by a fair of sorts.  The fair includes booths where people promote their organizations or offer free services and info (AIDS testing, information on adoption, church info, etc.), food vendors of terrible artery clogging delicious food, lots of hugging and happiness and fellowship, and live shows (often drag) which occur on at least one stage.  There is always a lot of water that must be chugged because it’s always FLIPPING hot.  And yes, there are usually a number of feather boas, drag queens, and scantily clad folks mingling about.  I’ve only been to three Gay Pride events (Harrisburg twice, and Lexington once), so I’m no expert, but this seems to be the typical setup for Gay Pride.  This year will mark my fourth.

Many folks outside the LGBT community don’t understand the history of Gay Pride, or why the Gay Pride events are meaningful to the LGBT community so I’ve asked a few folks to share about this.  I’ll be posting comments from folks over the next several weeks leading up to Lexington Gay Pride, which is happening on June 30th.  If you would like to submit your thoughts to be considered for feature here, send them via email to loveboldlynow@gmail.com.

Click here to see the ones posted so far:

Why So Proud Caleb?

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6 thoughts on “Hey Gays, Why So Proud?

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  3. Hi Heidi,
    What a great idea to run a series on this topic! I just published my take on gay pride here http://davexrobb.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/say-it-loud/. It’s a little more jaded, maybe, but might be a good perspective to add: what it’s like to be somewhere so gay that it’s not all that special anymore…which is kind of a nice place to be, actually. Thanks for the great posts!

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