Faithful Questions

Often times when we don’t know what to say, we ask stupid or offensive questions. I know as I have traveled and encountered people from a variety of cultures I have offended more than one by asking an inappropriate question about someone’s life or experiences. Many well-meaning straight folks, especially from traditional Christian backgrounds, do the same thing when we talk to LGBT neighbors. So, we have compiled a short list of questions that we hope will be more faithful, and will help us have better conversations.

  • What are misconceptions you are afraid Christians (or I) may have of you?

  • How did you reconcile your faith to your sexual orientation?  

  • What makes you view homosexuality differently than other things that are typically seen as sexual sins?

  • To be honest, I’ve always had the perspective that same-sex relationships were wrong.  What are your thoughts about that?

  • What have been your experiences with the Church?  Have you ever felt ostracized, shamed, lesser, etc.?

  • What do you wish Christians knew about you?  What annoys you about Christians?

  • Are you seeing someone?  

  • Would you mind sharing with me what it was like for you when you came out?  How did your family respond?  Your friends?

  • Will you share your perspective with me on…. (civil unions, right to marry, ordination, adoption?)

  • What could the church do to make you feel comfortable coming back?

  • Why do you still go to church, even though you have been hurt by so many Christians?

  • How have your religious beliefs helped or hindered you along the way?

  • What was it like for you when…

  • How did you make it through that? (any difficult time they’ve experienced)

  • Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate cupcakes?

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