Defeating Agendas – An Update

Summing up the happenings of the past several weeks is a difficult task indeed, but it’s safe to say that I am overflowing with vision and inspiration.  We have been overwhelmed with the response of the communities around us since the creation of the Defeating Agendas Seminars.  The conversation around homosexuality and faith is growing, and many of you have given me the privilege of hearing your stories, your personal experiences with the LGBT community and the church, your frustrations, concerns, fears, hopes, and dreams for the church, for the LGBT community, for LOVEboldly as an organization, and for all that we could do together to more faithfully engage.  I am deeply humbled by the encouragement, prayers, support, and blessings so many of you have offered for us.

In our first session (of four) we talked about the problem as it currently exists – all of the difficulties and conflicts that have resulted from the conversation about homosexuality, both within the church and in society at large.  In our next session, this Tuesday, we will be sharing about what it means to live with Christ-like purposefulness with LGBT friends, neighbors, and brothers and sisters in Christ.  In our third session, we will discuss how to practically implement those steps to faithful engagement with one another in the midst of disagreement and controversy.  And in our last session we will answer your questions.

If you want to come to any of the events, you can click the headings below to RSVP:

Defeating Agendas: Seminar #2 – Building A Framework (April 24)
Introducing paradigms for Christ-like engagement with the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community

Defeating Agendas: Seminar #3 – Moving Forward (May 1)
Presenting information, tools, and strategies for creating and sustaining faithful relationships with the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community

Defeating Agendas: Seminar #4 – Q&A (May 8)
Answering your questions from the previous three seminars (submit them here: LOVEboldly Questions)

Please share these events with your pastors, faith communities, friends, family members, etc.  Keep in mind that this series is meant for pastoral care givers and laypersons in traditional evangelical churches who want to build/sustain faithful relationships with the gay and lesbian community.  However, any/all are welcome to join.  Our great hope is that the information we present will challenge and bless you all!

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