Wisdom for the Week

One of the posts I’ve been meaning to make a regular is “Wisdom for the Week” based on things I’m reading and learning.  I think it rather appropriate to start this with one of the early Christian fathers, Thomas a Kempis.  His writings have long inspired and challenged me and recently I was able to get my hands on his “The Imitation of Christ” which is a fantastic read.  So as not to pollute the impact of his words, I will merely share with you some selections from what I’ve read over the past several days and weeks.  I hope it serves to bless and encourage you as it has for me.

“Don’t lay your heart open to everyone; rather, take your affairs to the wise, to those who respect God….You ought to spend time with the humble, the honest-hearted, the devout, the pure-minded.”

“We associate with persons on our own wave-length easily.  But following God sometimes means keeping peace by surrendering our own opinion.  Besides, who’s wise enough to know everything?  Don’t get cocky; get another opinion.  Even if you think well, give up your own ideas once in awhile for God’s sake, and accept another’s opinion.  This will turn to your good.  I hear this often: Safety comes more by hearing and taking counsel than by giving it.  I also hear this: Your opinion may sound good, but to refuse to yield to others when reason or circumstance require it – that’s pride and rigidity….The right time to talk?  When you can speak constructively….Yet discussion about spiritual concerns stimulates growth, especially in a thoroughgoing Christian fellowship.”

“Stand squarely in the battle: There you will experience God’s help!  With His help you can fight to victory if you trust His grace.”

“What you cannot change in yourself or others you must put up with patiently until God makes changes possible….Try to exercise patience when bearing with the defects and weaknesses in others, no matter what their shortcomings….How easy to want others perfect!  How hard to take care of our own faults!”

May our Savior and Father burn His truth into your heart today, this week, this coming year, and forevermore.

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