What’s Happening?

Hello friends!  LOVE boldly RISK offense has been around for a few weeks now and I have truly been floored by the responses I’ve been receiving.  I thought it would be only fair to let you into my world a little bit.  Firstly, I am amazed at the amount of people reading.  I figured I’d have a few faithful readers and some people checking in here and there to begin with, but I am truly encouraged by the response!  There have been about 150-200 views, EACH TIME I POST! (and yes, I am screaming the all caps words…well at least internally).  Incredible!  I’m amazed!  And it’s growing!  My last post (yes, the one where I went bezerko and annoyed the heck out of you all, begging for comments incessantly throughout the day) got over 200 views in the first day!  You all amaze me!  You have been telling your facebook buddies, your twitter compadres, your own blog followers, and just people in general and I am so excited.  The more people that can hear this message the better.  So, thank you, so much, for all your help and support!  Add to that all of the e-mails and direct messages I’ve received from you guys and I feel like one lucky girl!  I will never forget my birthday you guys – what a beautiful gift you gave to each other.  I read your comments with tears in my eyes!  My heart overflows with love for you all!

Okay, note to self, stop using so many !!!!!!!  It’s getting out of control!  Oops!!!

Some of you are probably wondering where all this is going.  The truth is, I’m wondering that myself!  I have lots of ideas and vision though, and am excited to share what is up and coming.  I didn’t create this blog just to have a nice place to write and get my thoughts out to the world.  Instead, I want to start a movement!  I want to be a vessel that helps to bring change and reconciliation – to hearts and lives, to our churches, to our culture, and to our country at large.  This is no side hobby for me.  I am very serious about it and practically jumping out of my skin with excitement for what’s to come.  So, here’s some of the things you have to look forward to!

First, I am working on getting in touch with churches, ministries, youth groups, maybe even schools (who knows?) in the area that would be willing to talk to me about all of this.  Pretty much, if someone will listen, I’m talking to them.  Why?  Because.  I like to talk.  No, just kidding.  I mean, I do, but that’s not why.  The real reason is that I’m working on developing a program that will meet regularly (hopefully quarterly to begin with…maybe…possibly…who knows?) to discuss these topics.  These meetings will have the same purpose as the blog – to develop and foster safe, non-threatening environments to discuss orientation and faith.  And be friends with each other.  No tomato throwing allowed.  Kumbaya singing is welcomed.  And yes, I did just google how to spell kumbaya.  Don’t hate the speller hate the word.  Or something like that.  Word hating = allowed.  People hating = not allowed.  Anyhow, stay posted!  I will be letting you all in on details as they unfold!

Secondly, the purpose of this blog is not just so you can read my words but so that you can hear each others hearts and get to know each other.  So, I’m selecting (and will continue to select) some of my favorite people to share their stories, perspective, etc. with you.  The people I’ve chosen have truly touching stories.  We don’t all agree about religion or politics or what the Bible says about homosexuality.  But we all like each other, no matter what.  I like people who like me no matter what.  They’re good to keep around on days when I am a pretty terrible person.

Lastly, I want you all to have resources galore!  Some of you straight Christians out there don’t have a clue where to begin (holla!)  I have been in your shoes and I am still learning ridiculous amounts all the time.  Also, some of you in the LGBT community are lost when it comes to figuring out why Christians think/do/believe what they do.  Others of you are still trying to make sense of your faith and your orientation and could use some help figuring things out.  So, I figured I’d try to help you learn what I’m learning.  That way, you can learn too.  You might not have time to read thousands of pages of research on the topic, but there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be able to steal from the reading I’ve done.  And will do.  Oh man, there is so much reading to do!  If you haven’t noticed already, I put this handy dandy little widget thingie off to the side of my blog…right….over…..there! =======================================>

So yeah, those are all books I am currently reading.  Doesn’t necessarily mean I recommend them as in, “yeah, this book has captured all that is true about the world and should be worshiped and adored” but they all have at least something valuable to say to the issues.  And some of them have a lot of valuable things to say!  I’ll probably feature some of them from time to time and tell you the good stuff and bad stuff about them.  And if you feel so led to buy them, just please do it from the amazon link over there on the right.  Why?  Because if you do, I will get mad rich.  Just kidding.  I’ll get like 2 cents.  But that 2 cents will go towards doing all the awesome stuff I’m doing with LOVE boldy RISK offense (and it’s related events).

Mkay, well, I’d say that brings you all sufficiently up to speed.  Is everyone excited now?  Because you should be!  Lots of fun, informative, stretching, exciting, contemplative, discovery-type experiences to come!

LOVE boldly.  RISK offense.  PEACE out.  🙂

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  1. Just an FYI, the Jones/Yarhouse book on ex-gays has been categorically debunked by many gay watchdog sites.Check this one out. :^)http://www.exgaywatch.com/wp/2007/11/a-critique-of-jones-and-yarhouses-ex-gays-part-1/

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